In order to understand the social, educational and family circumstances of each respondent, judges in juvenile treatment courts need detailed information. At the Harlem Juvenile Intervention Court, this information is gathered prior to a young person's first court appearance using an online interview, which gathers information about family composition, school attendance, existing involvement with social service programs, drug use and an assessment of family members.

Unlike a traditional paper assessment, the Juvenile Intervention Court Application allows case managers to record and retrieve a large body of data quickly and efficiently. Additionally, during the course of a juvenile's participation in the Juvenile Intervention Court, an earlier answer is saved even after it has been updated, allowing both case managers and project evaluators to track information as it changes over time.

Easy Navigation
The assessment interview is a series of interactive forms, accessed by clicking on this worksheet.
Logical Flow
Additional questions appear, depending on answers to other questions. For example, if the juvenile answers either "Full time" or "Part time" to "Are you currently enrolled in school?" a second question appears to capture more specific school information. The use of hidden questions allows the assessment to contain a large number of questions without overwhelming
the user.