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Work plans

The purpose of a work plan is to allow the project manager to outline the scope of the project, lay out deliverables, assign tasks and establish deadlines. When writing a work plan, remember to include a realistic time line that gives you flexibility in case things don't proceed as smoothly as anticipated.

Simple Work plan

Month 1-3 Meet with key drug court personnel to gather feedback on specific system needs.
  Evaluate information systems needs, including physical infrastructure. [Note: An information systems professional may be necessary to help with this].
  Develop a design document.
  If necessary, begin search for a computer programmer. [Depending on the scope of the project, more consultants may be necessary. These include database administrators and network specialists].
  Develop a budget.

Month 4-6
Build the information system*.
  Meet with drug court personnel to discuss and review initial rollout.
  Finalize and test initial rollout of the information system*.

Month 10-12
Meet with drug court personnel to review the outcomes of the second rollout. Begin refinement for third and final rollout.
  Review drafts of the manuals, guides, or other MIS informational materials developed to educate and train users.
  Test system before its final release.
  Address any outstanding problems with system functionality*.

Month 13
Train users.
  Distribute informational materials.
  Make information system available for use in the day-to-day operations of the drug court.
*System developer(s) may be needed to accomplish this task.